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I’ve been trading stocks, options, and futures for years. I studied the craft from the ground up, learning, studying, exploring, interacting with other traders, paper trading, and ultimately live trading my own accounts. I’ve seen trading in 2017 when all arrows went up and everyone made easy money. I’ve seen trading in 2018 where a bombshell tweet from a prominent political or business figure could send the best laid trades reeling in a heartbeat.

And I’ve been trading through these current times where the economy is highly uncertain, inflation is rampant, recession fears dominate, a Jerome Powell press conference is the catalyst more often than not, and the market has frankly been pretty much a mess.

I’ve survived and grown because I know my craft and I keep learning all the time.

I’ve had to step back. Examine my game and change it. Many times. I’ve adjusted my strategies. I’ve changed my approach. I’ve learned lessons I never expected to learn. Most of all, you know what I’ve found? I need to relax. Slow down. Not work so hard. I’m winning more by doing less. I’ve only been able to do this because I know my craft. I’ve done what it takes to be a real trader and never depended on the “sure-fire” methods of those be lazy and get rich trading platforms.

Trading has probably never been more difficult. I’ve known tons of people who are dropping out of options trading because the heat in the kitchen has grown too hot. Where once they could trade big on few skills, now they need a higher level of training and emotional strength to stay in the game. Most are not willing to do that work.

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